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World Wildlife Day 2022


On the 3rd of March of every year, the world celebrates the anniversary of Wildlife Day under a specific theme that tackling a certain issue and which happen to be this year under the title” Restoration of endangered species to restore ecosystems”. The celebration was witnessed by the Deputy General Director of Animal Resource Research Corporation ARRC, Assistant Financial and Managerial Director ARRC, Deputy Director of the Central Veterinary Laboratory, Director of Fishery Research Center, Director of Animal Production Center, Directors of Protected Areas and Khartoum state from Wildlife Conservation General Administration WCGA, Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources HCENR, National Center for Research, National Forest Corporation, civil organizations, national societies, Natural History Museum, university professors, students and national media.

Sudan national TV and SUNA interviewed Dr. Lubna Mohamed Abdallah, Director of Wildlife Research Center WRC who expressed her commitment to the protection and conservation of wildlife through researching. Furthermore, she threw light on the importance of awareness dissemination on biodiversity and wildlife conservation. She also iterated the benefits incurred by different departments on the occasion of WWD. Professor Diya Aldin, representative of ARRC in his speech emphasized the importance of wildlife conservation and their habitat as well and anticipated strong collaboration between different departments concerned with this sector in the recent future and congratulated the working staff at WRC. In his speech to the attendants, the representative of WCGA stressed on the role played by WRC in conservation of the endangered species in Sudan.

The celebration included a wildlife gallery prepared by its departments, a lecture presented by Dr. Rahom tackling endangered species in Sudan and which was facilitated by Dr. Omar Abdallah Suleiman, Quiz competition and finally, honoring ceremony was delivered for WRC retired members who contributed to wildlife researches.

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