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Department of Diseases, Education and Production


The department is considered the first reference in Sudan with regard to wild animal diseases because it possesses an updated broad database for most of the wild species, especially those threatened with extinction.


Introducing modern technologies to examine and investigate –wild  animal diseases and rehabilitating the laboratory to analyze samples at the center instead of sending them abroad.

Establishment of a unit to anesthetize wild animals

Rehabilitation and continuous training of the department’s employees in how to conduct surveys and investigate wild animal diseases.

Periodic investigation and survey of the most important diseases of wild animals that can be transmitted to pets and that have an economic impact on livestock.

Recently, the phenomenon of breeding wild animals in captivity has spread, and these animals are transferred from their natural environments without knowing whether these animals are healthy or harboring diseases. Therefore, the department’s future goals were:

Conducting guidance campaigns for the owners of these farms and raising awareness of the danger of introducing new pathogens

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